-2019 menu-

shareable boards

Lavender Hummus: Lavender infused hummus served with pita, naan bread & fresh veggies. Our unique twist to a classic dish

Goat Cheese with Lavender Honey: Goat Cheese drizzled with our house lavender honey and served with seasonal berries and crostinis. A popular dish for ringing in the summer with floral infusion.

Meat & Cheese: Hand cut hard salami, proscuitto, soppressata; brie, aged cheddar and smoked gouda cheese. Served with seasonal veggies, crositnis & pickled veggies. Our most popular board with a variety of a garnishes & flavor for all tastes.

Caprese Skewers: Cherry tomatoes, motzeralla balls, house grown basil drizzled with lavender balsamic reduction. A shareable take to summer must have.

-Main dishes-

(Dinner Only)

Chicken Skewers: 3-2oz chicken skewers spronkled with our house made Herb de Provence, basted in our lavender honey & drizzled with our lavender balsamic reduction. Served with our seasonal side

Cedar Plank Salmon: 6 oz salmon filet seasoned with Brown Abby white meat seasoning, cooked on a ceder plank & served with our seasonal side.

Portobello Steaks: 2 large portobello mushroom steaks marinade in our house blend & grilled to perfection. Served with our seasonal side.

Beef Medallions: 3- 2oz beef medallions seasoned with our house made Lavish Steak Rub & served with our seasonal sides.

Strip Steak: 6 oz Strip Steak seasoned to perfection & grilled to preference. Served with seasonal sides.

-Lighter Side-

Garden Salad: Fresh cucumbers, red onions, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers served on a bed of spring mix & topped with shaved parmesan cheese & Brown Abby Greek Dressing.

Choice of adding on: Chicken, Strip Steak & Salmon

Chicken Salad: House made chicken salad made with dried cranberries, garden dill, celery & onions. Served in a leaf lettuce bowl with apple slices & Artisan crackers.

-Sunday Brunch-

Smoked Benedict: English muffin topped with smoked gouda cheese sauce, prosciutto, smoked eggs, topped with Hollandaise sauce & garden chives.

Salmon Lox: House cured Salmon Lox served on Everything bread, chived cream cheese, capers & shaved red onions.

Avocado Toast: served on Everything bread served with shaved red onions & garnished with fresh berries.

Garden Fresh Frittata: Egg white based frittata served with chef’s choice of specialty meats, cheeses & seasonal veggies.

Greek Yogurt: Served with granola, fresh seasonal berries & topped with lavender honey.

Fruit Plate: Mixed berries & seasonal fruit

Bagel: Either plain or blue berry served with choice of cream cheeses, jams or butter. Garnished with fresh berries & fruit.

Muffins: Choice of Banana Nut or Blue Berry

Some menu items have Gluten Free options;

-however we are not a gluten free kitchen and contamination is possible.

Add on options of Salmon, Steak, Hollandaise sauce, Smoked Gouda cheese sauce &fruit

*Consumer raw or under cooked meats, seafood & eggs may increase your risk for food borne illnesses.