Looking toward the future!

What an amazing start we've had as a small lavender farm. We grew so much faster than we had ever planned, and although stressful and time consuming... Totally rewarding!

Our initial harvest of 1500 dried lavender bundles is dwindling fast, and we won't have a new crop until July of 2016. Fortunately we have enough oil to keep making all of our products and a new line of Valentines products. This is a great problem to have, but also means our farm expansion had to be pushed up. Starting in January, we are clearing several acres of the most beautiful and pristine property. The views of the James River Valley will be amazing for our customers to sit amongst 4000 new lavender plants and ponder, pray, or simply relax. We have big plans and even bigger dreams! We want our customers to know that this farm will be a welcoming place for everyone interested in natures beauty.

We are working hard (at the request of many) to provide a new and unique wedding venue by the summer of 2017. We will not only keep our presence at the Greater Springfield Farmers Market, but expand to other locations, festivals, and special events. We love having a web page for our customers to get what they want when they want it, but we love interacting with our customers and finding out how they like to use the products. Look for us in unique boutiques in and around the Ozarks, and please always give us feedback.