Holly Cow!!!

What a long (short really) strange trip it's been. It's been almost a year since we bottled our first lavender product and headed off to the Greater Springfield Farmers Market. We somehow have accumulated a solid following in numerous states, and continue to expand at a rate that seems astronomical. Our Fall season is PACKED! I will update the News page with all of our upcoming events. Here is a small taste;

Canton First Monday Market (Texas) September 1st-4th, September 28th-October 2nd, November 2nd-6th

Branson Autumn Daze September 15th-18th

Cider Daze (Downtown Springfield) September 16-17th

Ozark Craft Festival September 30th-October 2nd

Republic Pumpkin Daze October 1st

Apple Butter Makin Days (Mt Vernon) October 7th-9th

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival October 7th-8th

Spanker Creek Fair October 12th-16th

Bella Vista Arts and Crafts October 13th-15th

Carthage Maple Leaf Fesival October 15th

Branson Women's Expo October 22nd-23rd

Ozark Craft Festival (OC) November 18th-19th

Vintage Market Days (Denton TX, September 23rd-25th, Meunster TX Nov 25th-27th)

Nixa Jr. High Craft Show December 3rd

Of coarse we will be at the Greater Springfield Farmers Market as much as humanly possible. We look forward to seeing you, and hope you will find us in one of these locations. 

Using Lavender to Cook With

So your recipe calls for Lavender?  It’s imperative to use culinary lavender from Lavender Falls Farm, of course. 

1) Much like coconut, lavender is produced for many other uses than just cooking. Your recipe just won’t turn out as you hoped by using other types of lavender oil. Culinary lavender is suitable for consumption while other ornamental lavenders are not. It may not be harmful to eat ornamental lavender, but just to be safe buy culinary, plus it will taste better.

2) Yikes. Nobody wants to bite into a piece of cake or a cookie and get a mouthful of leaves. So again, using lavender as an infusion is the best way to go. You can either grind it (maybe, with sugar for baked goods) or strain it before using. You’ll still get that great lavender flavor without feeling like you just took a bite of chalk.

3) Lavender can explode with flavor, so you will want to use it sparingly. If you don’t have a recipe you trust, use it carefully. Lavender flavor can be strong and easily overwhelm your baked goods or savory dishes, so you won’t want to overuse it. Just a warning to be careful and no epic failure.

4) Lavender usually has a strong or stout flavor to it. So you might consider accompanying it with other strong flavors.

5) Baking with Lavender can be fun and add a whole new experience of flavor, once you get the hang of it. In addition, you can use lemon juice and/or lemon zest to add balance to the lavender recipe.  

Try making your own dry blend of herbs and/or flowers (our favorite is lavender with mint and rosemary). It’s simple, just mix it up and rub it on your favorite meat and whoala. Lavender is also used as a garnish.

Looking toward the future!

What an amazing start we've had as a small lavender farm. We grew so much faster than we had ever planned, and although stressful and time consuming... Totally rewarding!

Our initial harvest of 1500 dried lavender bundles is dwindling fast, and we won't have a new crop until July of 2016. Fortunately we have enough oil to keep making all of our products and a new line of Valentines products. This is a great problem to have, but also means our farm expansion had to be pushed up. Starting in January, we are clearing several acres of the most beautiful and pristine property. The views of the James River Valley will be amazing for our customers to sit amongst 4000 new lavender plants and ponder, pray, or simply relax. We have big plans and even bigger dreams! We want our customers to know that this farm will be a welcoming place for everyone interested in natures beauty.

We are working hard (at the request of many) to provide a new and unique wedding venue by the summer of 2017. We will not only keep our presence at the Greater Springfield Farmers Market, but expand to other locations, festivals, and special events. We love having a web page for our customers to get what they want when they want it, but we love interacting with our customers and finding out how they like to use the products. Look for us in unique boutiques in and around the Ozarks, and please always give us feedback.

We are Thankful!

Looking back just two months ago (more like six weeks) when we decided to officially bring our products to market, we were buying containers and ingredients for less than a dozen finished products at a time. What a difference loyal customers make. We are now packaging products in quantities twelve times that. I'd like to think this is a reflection of our products and the care we put into each and every order, and hope you agree. We are thankful that we found our little slice of heaven here in Jamesville Missouri and the soil was right for our Lavender farm. We are thankful that this endeavor gives us the opportunity to raise our children on a working farm. We are Thankful for you!

Please take time this holiday season to relax, reflect and enjoy what it is that makes you thankful. 

Thank YOU for your patronage.

Thor and Catherine Bersted

Gearing Up for Christmas

With Christmas approaching and our farm producing it's first Lavender crop this year, we are working hard at creating and pairing products in baskets for reasonably priced gift giving. As the farmers market season slows down and we shift our attentions to the local craft festivals we want to remind our customers that we are always just a click away. Our local customers can always contact us at info@lavenderfallsfarm.com to schedule delivery and avoid shipping fees. We are more than willing to help you save money! We will also be providing non-descript gift bags for easy gift presentations. Please list any special requests in the comments section of your order, or contact us directly with any special requests. If you have friends and family that support all natural and sustainably produced products, then check out our selection of locally made products.